Broomfield Police Department

I think APCO has decreased the amount of time it has taken the call takers to get through the protocol cards and document the answers. The responses are in a more organized manner especially with the pre-formatted yes/no questions. The time it takes to EMD a call has improved as the call takers became more familiar with the program and the program is easy to use/teach/train. Being able to “design” the program to fit our organizational needs was the best part of it. Overall, APCO has helped us to improve our EMD skills and our QA/QI process.

Broomfield Police Department Staff
Broomfield, CO

Forsyth County Emergency Services

Forsyth County Emergency Services 911 Communications upgraded to 911 Adviser after using MEDS for several years. 911 Advisor allows our Telecommunicators to effectively and efficiently classify and prioritize our 911 calls. We have made several EMD changes during the course of using MEDS/911 Advisor and each time Nikia and Clif with Smart Horizons have been very helpful and courteous in assisting us with these changes or any questions we have had and their customer service is exceptional.

Randell A. Wood, ENP
Telecommunications Supervisor
Forsyth County Emergency Services

City of Westminster Police/Fire/Rescue

911 Adviser fits our needs exactly. It is more flexible for our work flow and allows the dispatchers the ease of maneuvering through a variety of agency specific guide cards. Our average time from call entry to dispatch is well above the national average. Working with Clifton and Nikia is always a pleasure. They have both been more than accommodating with training and upgrades, even including our IT department in information on upgrades to the system and troubleshooting anything that comes up. Thanks Smart Horizons.

Missy Saggau
Communications Supervisor
City of Westminster Police/Fire/Rescue.

Virginia Beach Communication Center

Due to Nikia Anderson’s and Clif Smith’s knowledge of the application, we found transitioning our manual guide card system into the automated MEDS application very easy. As we worked through the implementation process, they were very accommodating in making numerous adjustments to ensure the automated MEDS application flowed to meet the needs of 911 personnel and the requirements of the EMS Director.

Throughout the MEDS implementation process Nikia Anderson and Clif Smith were very accessible. They were always quite receptive and responsive to help and answer our questions. Throughout implementation and in the months that followed, Nikia was always ready to update guide cards on very short notice. Changes ranging from minor fixes to major alterations across multiple cards were handled with speed, accuracy and an outstanding level of professionalism.

Their knowledge of the MEDS application and the EMD process was demonstrated by their ability to take our request and transfer that into a revised version of the application, most often on the first attempt. They even offered suggestions when they felt that we’d benefit from it.

Nikia’s and Clif’s knowledge of automating our EMD process into their application was thorough. When issues were encountered, they were immediately ready and willing to work with our CAD vendor or anyone else involved to address and resolve issues. We never received a response that an issue was not in their application. When an issue was presented, they worked towards resolution.

All cutovers to a new system should go as smoothly and without incident as our cutover to MEDS.

Patrick Morrissey
Virginia Beach Communication Center
Virginia Beach, VA

Longview Public Safety Communications

Over the last several years Longview Public Safety Communications has worked closely with Smart Horizons, most notably on the Emergency Response software, 9-1-1 Adviser. That product has allowed our department to demonstrate a marked improvement in medical call prioritization, and has resulted in faster, more accurate dispatching of resources. 9-1-1 Adviser compliments our APCO EMD Program perfectly, and provides a seamless transition through each phase of dispatch, from information gathering to the delivery of pre-arrival instructions. Additionally, the staff at Smart Horizons has been outstanding in both their customer service skills and technical expertise. When problems arose with our CAD Vendor, Smart Horizons immediately stepped up and championed our cause. They demonstrated an enthusiasm for seeing their product accomplish what we needed it to accomplish, and made it habit to ask questions rather than make demands. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Smart Horizons from their management-level down to the operations-level. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in customer satisfaction.

Matt Ainsworth
Communications Manager
Longview Public Safety Communications

Martinsville – Henry County 9-1-1 Communications Center

The Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center implemented 9-1-1 Adviser in October 2012. As we worked towards the implementation of EMD two years prior, we knew we wanted an EMD system that had a very solid software option. The 911 Adviser system partnered very well with the APCO EMD package, was affordable, and very customizable.

The 9-1-1 Adviser system is programmed and supported by Smart Horizons. Usually, I would be very concerned of purchasing a system through one company, and relying on support for the software from a different company. However, I can say without hesitation, the Customer Support team from Smart Horizons has been great to work with. Not only did we get the 9-1-1 Adviser system setup specifically to our needs, but Nikia Anderson (Smart Horizons Product Manager) and Clifton Smith (Product Engineer) also worked with our CAD vendor (Southern Software) in creating an interface between the CAD and 9-1-1 Adviser. Now when an EMD is entering a 911 call into our CAD, based on the CAD call type selected, the 9-1-1 Adviser system will pop up, already have the name, phone number, and address filled in, and the EMD can continue processing the call. This saves the EMD time processing the call, and eliminates the EMD from having to enter the data twice.

Since going live October 1, 2012 with the system, we have not had any down time, and the entire experience in dealing with APCO and the Smart Horizons team has been great.

Martinsville – Henry County 9-1-1 Communications Center